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Custom Table Pads

Our custom table pads are made with reinforced seamsWE ARE THE ONLY ONES!

Constant opening and closing of table pads can cause the seam to rip. We are the only company to reinforce all seams at the folds of our custom table pads, making for longer protection of your valuable dining room table, coffee table, or buffet.

Depending on which quality table pads you select, they are guaranteed for up to 30 years, unlike the products from other table pad manufacturers.

Our table pads are made with added sound-proofingWE ARE THE ONLY ONES!

We add an additional 1/16 inch of sound proofing material on our thickest table pads, eliminating that hard board clinking sound and feeling.


Elite table pads - 9/16 inch thick

Elite Table Pads

9/16 inch thick
550 degree heat resistance
30 years

Locking Methods:

Interlocking (Tongue and Groove)
Pad Grips

Magnetic connection systemMagna-Velcro Locking System

We use only the strongest commercial velcro to connect our table pads together. Invisible to the eye and recessed to avoid contact with the table. NOTHING TOUCHES THE TABLE!


Tongue and groove connection systemInterlocking (Tongue and Groove) Method

For tables requiring stronger adhesion. Normally for extremely wide tables.


Select table pads - 7/16 inch thick

Select Table Pads

7/16 inch thick
425 degree heat resistance
20 year warranty

Locking Methods:

Pad Grips optional

Pad gripsPad Grips

Developed by 3M Corporation. Each table pad piece adheres individually to the table's top.


Especially for our Table Extender products!

Table Extenders - 7/8 inch thick

Table Extenders

7/8 inch thick
650 degree heat resistance

Locking Methods:

Ship Lap

Ship Lap Locking systemShip Lap

Our unique Ship Lap locking system combines overlapping top and bottom layers with velcro strips. Spills won't seep through and the extender sections can't separate.

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Elite Wood Tones
Black Capital Colonial Constitution Franklin
black capital colonial constitution franklin
Ivory Jefferson Monticello Potomac Mt. Vernon
ivory jefferson monticello potomac mt. vernon
Washington White Patriot Mahogany Solid  
washington white patriot mahogany solid  

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Elite Leather Tones
Chestnut Cinnamon Cranberry Glacier
chestnut cinnamon cranberry glacier
Natural Saddle Sand  
natural saddle sand  

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Select Color Swatches
Antique White
Cherry Maple Walnut Mahogany Solid
antique white cherry maple walnut mahogany solid

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Felt Bottom Color Swatches
Black Velvet Brown Velvet Green Velvet Maroon Velvet Tan Velvet
black brown green maroon tan

About our products:

Our Table Pads are almost a full 5/8 inch thick making our Table Pads the thickest non-warping Table Pad in the industry. We use no cardboard by-products or animal glues. That's why we have no problem giving a 30 yr. warranty on our Table Pads.

Our Table Extenders are almost a full 1 inch thick. We are the leading innovators for table extenders in all the USA. With over 12,000 satisfied Table Extender customers throughout the country and Canada. Whether you need to expand your table's width or a complete table extension of your table's width and length we have the experience with our all-American workforce and completely all-American made components. Thank You.

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