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The FlyLady on Our Table Extender Products

Marla Cilley is The FlyLady. Since 1999, she has been a mentor to over 1.2 million women teaching them how to organize their homes and how to love themselves. Here's what she has to day about our table extenders:

Dear Friends,

Whenever we have a celebration in our FlyLady Family; we congregate at Kelly and Tom's home. They have a dinner table that stays set up for 8 people all the time. Kelly and I were talking last night about how our family is growing and she needed another table that could expand to handle 12 or even 18! Wow! Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner. We have a birthday at least once a month around here. We need more room. We don't have to build a new room on the house or even buy a new dining room set!

We found a great idea on the internet. It is called a table extender. It is much cheaper than buying a new table! And it can be folded up and put away till it is needed. So we ordered it.

This man was so nice to work with. He put the "C" in Customer Service! He loves what he does! He gets to bring families together! Well we got one for Tom and Kelly's table and they love it. They never take it down. It protects their table and gives us all plenty of room. I have seen 18 people around her dining table.

As our families are growing with our children's mates and our precious grandchildren; we have to make room for the whole family to get-together. Who wants to sit at the kid's table. How else are we going to make memories if we are not all together!

This is a wonderful option for you! Check it out! Bookmark it if you don't need it now!

Thanks for listening. We know if we are having this problem then you probably are too!

About our products:

Our Table Pads are almost a full 5/8 inch thick making our Table Pads the thickest non-warping Table Pad in the industry. We use no cardboard by-products or animal glues. That's why we have no problem giving a 30 yr. warranty on our Table Pads.

Our Table Extenders are almost a full 1 inch thick. We are the leading innovators for table extenders in all the USA. With over 12,000 satisfied Table Extender customers throughout the country and Canada. Whether you need to expand your table's width or a complete table extension of your table's width and length we have the experience with our all-American workforce and completely all-American made components. Thank You.

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