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Gaming Table Extenders

Card Table Extender

Card Table ExtenderOur Card Table Extender will expand your table surface in seconds! You can create a large 48-inch or 54-inch diameter, round table surface on any standard card table. The Card Table Extender increases seating to six for dinner, or up to eight for a card game. Two side straps with closures allow secure attachment to card table legs with either side up. The upholstery grade, leather grain vinyl top is stain resistant, and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The bottom is covered with a fully woven polyester fabric, brushed on one side to create a soft, yet durable surface that will not harm any card table top or furniture finish.


Square Folding Table Extender

Card Table ExtenderCard Table ExtenderFor those games that consist of 4 players. It converts your 30" x 30" folding table to a far more comfortable 40" X 40" playing surface equipped with or without cup holders for each player and a spill-resistant top. Great for:

  • Mah Jongg
  • Canasta
  • Bridge

Jigsaw Puzzle WorkstationJigsaw Puzzle Workstation

Now you can have a separate, large, foldable, non-skid work area for your jigsaw puzzle projects without tying up your dining room table.

Take this ordinary 30-inch square folding table and create a 48-inch or 54-inch non-skid work station. The jigsaw puzzle on this 48-inch table is a 1000-piece puzzle, with room for a much larger puzzle and space for greater piece separation. Plus, a typical table only seats 4 people; the Jigsaw Puzzle Workstation converts your table to seat 6 to 8 people comfortably.

Seat 6-8 people around your extended card table

It can also be used for entertaining — just cover it with a lined table cloth and you can seat up to 6 people comfortably with the 48-inch size, or up to 8 people with the 54-inch size.

We use only top-grade materials

The jigsaw puzzle workstation is made of non-skid British Pool Felt to keep your puzzle work area intact. Bumping the table won't destroy your jigsaw puzzle with this surface! Even at a 60-degree angle the pieces stay in place with no movement. The round design makes it easy to work on your jigsaw puzzle from all sides.

And, when you're not working on a jigsaw puzzle…

Best yet, when not in use, the Jigsaw Puzzle Workstation folds for convenient storage. Even though you can comfortably accommodate 6-8 people around your extended table, you don't need a lot of room for storage. The Jigsaw Puzzle workstation easily slips into a closet or other storage area, easily accessible and ready for your next project.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Workstation provides a convenient place to work wherever and whenever you want - order yours today!

Square Jigsaw Folding Table Extender

Card Table ExtenderCard Table ExtenderMakes your 30" x 30" folding table into a 40" x 40" non-skid top for working on larger jigsaw puzzles. Equipped with a single cup holder, 1" thick and folds in half for easy storage.


Check our newest product:

Leisure Puzzle LapboardLeisure Puzzle Lapboard

A 16" x 23" non-skid surface with felted border. Now you can relax on your favorite chair and work on a smaller puzzle or a section of a larger puzzle. Turn it over to the leatherette side and use for your laptop or informal dining.


Leisure Puzzle LapboardLeisure Puzzle Lapboard

About our products:

Our Table Pads are almost a full 5/8 inch thick making our Table Pads the thickest non-warping Table Pad in the industry. We use no cardboard by-products or animal glues. That's why we have no problem giving a 30 yr. warranty on our Table Pads.

Our Table Extenders are almost a full 1 inch thick. We are the leading innovators for table extenders in all the USA. With over 12,000 satisfied Table Extender customers throughout the country and Canada. Whether you need to expand your table's width or a complete table extension of your table's width and length we have the experience with our all-American workforce and completely all-American made components. Thank You.

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